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MdDS Reset NV general information

Trading information

  • Trade name: MdDS Reset NV
  • Chamber of Commerce number: BE0764915967
  • VAT number: BE0764915967
  • Registered business address: Diamantstraat 8, 2200 Herentals, Belgium
  • Contact email address: hello@mddsreset.com

Return policy

At this moment, MdDS Reset NV does not sell physical goods, so there is no formal return policy. The software treatment can be explored using a free account, and it can be purchased in the form of a yearly subscription, which can be cancelled each year. There are no refunds after purchasing.

Terms and conditions

The patient is required to agree to the following terms and conditions prior to the purchase of the treatment, otherwise the purchase will not go on:

MdDS is a complex condition and so is its treatment. Some patients no longer experience symptoms after a treatment with MdDS Reset VORtex. But that's not the case for everyone, symptoms may return. For some that may take more than a year. With other patients a return may happen more quickly, they may need to use MdDS Reset VORtex on a regular basis.  There are also patients for whom the change after a treatment has been minimal. We can't promise you MdDS Reset VORtex will work for you and you accept that we're not responsible if you don't improve after treatment.

Clinical trials have shown that the benefits of using MdDS Reset VORtex outweigh the risks. But there are risks. MdDS Reset VORtex shouldn't be used when you suffer from certain other conditions or if you use certain medication. There may even be some adverse effects when using MdDS Reset VORtex You can find all relevant information here. Don't use MdDS Reset VORtex in the situations we've listed. Also, stop using MdDS Reset VORtex when you experience adverse effects and immediately contact your caregiver.

MdDS Reset VORtex has a user manual with detailed explanations on what you can do and how to use it. All steps and functions in MdDS Reset VORtex matter. If e.g. you don't test whether the OKN images are correctly displayed when using the goggles, the treatment session may not be efficient or have a negative effect. If e.g. the Unterberger test isn't performed, the stripes may not drift in the direction required for you. That could again result in an inefficient treatment session or harm. Following the instructions in MdDS Reset VORtex' user manual is your responsibility, but you can always contact our advisors if you have any question.

MdDS Reset VORtex is a paid service, the price is advertised on the application. We aim to keep the price accessible to MdDS patients. But as we continue research on MdDS and develop more functionalities to MdDS Reset VORtex, the price may vary over time. We won't increase the price while your subscription term is still running.

We understand you want to start using MdDS Reset VORtex as soon as possible. That's why we'll give you access the moment we receive your payment. That also means all sales are final, you can't withdraw from your subscription or request a chargeback to the issuer of your payment card once you've been given access.

With MdDS Reset VORtex we process personal data such as your name and medical data. Privacy is key to us, you can read all about it in our privacy policy. But you also have a role to play in protecting your privacy. That's why we made your account specific to you: you cannot transfer it to another patient, let another patient use it or share your access details.

Sometimes we need to perform maintenance or update MdDS Reset VORtex. That means MdDS Reset VORtex won't be online from time to time. Simply return later to use MdDS Reset VORtex again.

Unfortunately, mistakes can happen. We'll compensate you for your damage if we're at fault. The maximum compensation we'd ever have to pay you is limited to EUR 500.

If you have a complaint regarding MdDS Reset VORtex or our organisation, please contact us at legal@mddsreset.com. We'll always try to resolve complaints in a way that works for both of us. But if we can't get to an agreement, the courts of Antwerp – or if you live in the EU, the courts of your country of residence - will have jurisdiction. They will apply Belgian law.

We may have to change these terms to comply with new legislation, when we offer new services or have to modify existing ones. We'll inform you at least 30 days before those changes become effective. If those changes are important, you can cancel your current subscription. We'll then refund you the fees paid for the period after your cancellation.

(Last revision: 30 December 2021)

Delivery information

Considering MdDS Reset VORtex is a web application, there is no formal delivery. After registration on the platform, a user can log in to use the treatment or other linked services.