How does it work?

MdDS Reset VORtex Viewer in three positionsMdDS Reset VORtex product simulation

MdDS Reset VORtex overview

The MdDS Reset VORtex treatment is a web-based application, consisting of two main components.

The Viewer runs on a smartphone mounted in VR glasses. When the Viewer is working inside the VR glasses, you need another device to control the flow of the treatment, and that is what the Controller does.

Through a network connection - any network connection - between them the Controller is able to control the Viewer.

All these components have certain hardware requirements which are listed below. We provide you with the software to make all of this work, but you need to provide the hardware to run it on.

We will provide as much information as possible to help you purchase the right hardware, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you require assistance or guidance.

MdDS Reset VORtex components overview

MdDS Reset VORtex hardware requirements


Hardware requirements for the Controller are easy: simply a device with a web browser:

  • A Windows PC, a Mac or a Linux PC with your choice of browser such as Chrome, Edge, Brave, Safari or Firefox;
  • An iPhone with Safari (the default browser on an iPhone);
  • An Android phone with Chrome (the default browser on Android).

The Controller needs to have a connection to the Internet (via wifi or mobile data).

Viewer smartphone

The hardware requirements for the Viewer smartphone are a bit more strict. You'll need an Android phone with the following capabilities:

  • Large screen, preferably 6 inches or more (make sure it can still fit your VR glasses - see below);
  • A bar ("normal") model is best (so not a foldable device, although that could theoretically work).

The phone also needs to be equipped with the following sensors:

  • Accelerometer;
  • Gyroscope;
  • Compass.

That may sound sophisticated, but there are a lot of phones that have these requirements. Also, they do not need to be expensive. For less than €/$/£200 you can find appropriate devices. Read on to get help on selecting the right VORtex Viewer device.

Is my current phone compatible?

Viewer VR glasses

VR glasses are necessary to hold the Viewer smartphone. They are very simple devices, just a passive plastic 'mask' with a slot to put the smartphone in. They are not true VR goggles like e.g. those from Oculus or HTC Vive - they are meant to be used with a smartphone.

Read on to get help on selecting the right VR glasses.

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Sign up as a patient with MdDS Reset

Start by registering as a patient by clicking the "Register" button below. Registration on and usage of MdDS Reset VORtex is free. After registration you can start with your treatment.

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