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Give a donation to support MdDS treatment worldwide

Help us to keep MdDS Reset VORtex freely available for all MdDS patients.

MdDS Reset VORtex is available for free for MdDS patients. But of course we need to cover the costs to keep it running. So if you feel our work is important, or you have used MdDS Reset VORtex successfully, please consider making a donation. This will help us a lot! A donation is of course not required, but we appreciate it very much if you benefit from our product. You can make a donation at any time.

Please select the amount you wish to donate, and follow the online payment flow.

Thank you very much for your donation and your support!

The amount in Euro will automatically be exchanged in your local currency during the transaction, so no need to worry. As an indication, 1 Euro is about $1.05 or £0.86 (Exchange rates May 16, 2022)